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    2020-04-27 10:30:32 105
    文章分类: 爆晒· 画廊· 官方资讯


    Lunar Love


    A story that has it all: Love! Devotion! Foxes!


    Kate Gray 凯特·格雷

    Humankind has been writing love stories about the moon for so long that it’s a wonder we haven’t actually sent any astronauts to our lunar friend with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates. There’s something mystical and romantic about that big ball of reflected light that hangs in our sky at night. People see faces and rabbits in her distant, craggy surfaces; the power she has over the tides mirrors the power she has over our hearts. Never mind that she’s a 4-billion-years-old hunk of dusty rock - she’s our beautiful bright girlfriend, and we love her.


    But not all love stories are so difficult to reconcile. We will probably never get a chance to smooch the moon, but today’s build has a love story behind it that’s much more down-to-earth.



    Nine years ago, Minecraft builder Shaliquinn married her husband. A few years later, the ring that her husband had worn - her grandfather’s ring - had broken beyond repair. Since then, she’s been saving up in secret for a new one. But rather than just giving him a new ring, she decided to craft a special surprise for him to go along with it - and that’s where this build comes in.


    “This piece was something I have been thinking on for some time now, as my husband has been telling me the story of a rogue and a farm girl who fall in love,” Shaliquinn says. “I had always thought of the rogue as a sly fox in the story, and as the story progressed she fell in love with her fox.” The girl learns that she can do magic, and is taken away for training, but before she goes, the rogue gives her a gift: a necklace shaped like a crescent moon.

    “我构思这张地图已经很久了,因为我的丈夫总是在我耳边说一个流氓与农家少女的爱情故事,”’莎莉·奎恩说,“我一直把这个流氓看作是一只狐狸,随着故事的发展,农家少女爱上了这只巧舌如簧的狐狸。”少女发现了自己有施展魔法的潜力,她被带走学习法术了。不过在她离开前,流氓给了他离别礼—— 一串形如新月的项链。


    “As she wore it walking away from him, the necklace allowed her to feel a light inside connecting the two, so that they could find each other anywhere in the world.” So it’s like a tracking device! Er… but a romantic tracking device. “This necklace was specifically connected to his ring, engraved with a skulking fox that he wore.”

    “当她戴着项链离他远去的时候,仿佛有一条红绳连接了姑娘与流氓,有了这条红绳,他们可以在世界的任何角落找到彼此。”所以这就是个雷达!淦...至少是浪漫的 雷达。“这条项链是和流氓的戒指配对的,一个刻有狐狸的戒指。”

    It’s that fox ring that Shaliquinn has ordered for her husband, to replace the broken one, along with this build that she will use as a book cover image on her version of his story.


    “The day I started this build I found myself crying,” Shaliquinn admits, “not out of tears of sadness - but of joy and love from the story he was telling me each day. I find that as he tells me this story, I fall in love with my husband just a little more every day.”

    “当我开始建造地图的那天,我发现我的衣裳已经被泪水沾湿了,” 莎莉·奎恩说,“泪不是因为悲伤而涌出 —— 仅仅因为这个故事充满了爱与快乐。因为这个日日夜夜回荡在我耳边故事,我对丈夫的爱都会比昨天多一点,比明天少一点。”


    Still, not every stage of the build went smoothly. “My snow kept turning back into snowballs,” says Shaliquinn, “and my sand fell out into the void. Finally, I gave in and caved, so I put a solid bottom on the piece, and hand-built it to match my top layer, filling it in block-by-block so it would not fall into the void again.”


    All the organics - the trees, animals and flowers - were built by hand as well. “I can often work faster on things such as this,” admits Shaliquinn, “but I had a very specific feel I wanted to this, so I took a little extra time to make sure the creatures and trees looked just right.”


    There’s even a neat trick involved in making the beautiful shimmery ice in the centre of the build: “I use grass and let the blocks below turn to dirt, then I recolor the grass with one color for the surface, and the dirt with another to create layers that look like natural ice.”



    If you look closely at The Fox and The Moon, you might notice sparkly swirls cascading down around the tree and the buildings. This, Shaliquinn says, is “magic”.


    “I create a cone and use WorldEdit brushes to create a swirl of color going down, and slowly pull out extra blocks to leave just a few remaining pieces in a decorative way. Replace with a little glass, some glowing End rods, and you have what looks like magic!”



    With most builds, the builder is either trying to replicate something in real life, or take something out of their imagination and into the real world. Shaliquinn’s build is trying something else: taking something from someone else’s imagination and trying to imagine what it might look like, with the extra challenge of making something beautiful enough that it can be a gift for that person.



    “I was hoping to make something that was as beautiful as the story [he] told to me,” she says. “I feel like I have still only captured a small part of that. But I feel it was a good start.”

    “我希望把他所讲的故事重现出来,” 她说。“我觉得我只重现了故事中的一小部分。不过对我来说这是一个良好的开端。”

    【321yu_wango 译自官网 2018 年 03 月 14 日发布的 Lunar Love;原作者 Kate Gray】

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